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TGI Great Tahoe Spring GTS-550-USA Filter Set

Looking for a replacement for GTS-550-USA.

This is the reverse osmosis filter set for the Great Tahoe Spring GTS-550-USA drinking water system. I assume it is from a company TGI or Topway Global, but am told its currently part of Watts. TGI GTS-550 USA set TGI Great Tahoe Spring GTS-550-USA Filter Set Continued »

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Amtrol Reverse Osmosis System

Recently we purchased a home that has an Amtrol Reverse Osmosis system installed under the kitchen sink.

I would like to know how/where to buy replacement filters.

The model on the large canister is 11226097.

Other numbers are RO 4, CLI ORO TI 33.

First, you don’t have an Amtrol Reverse Osmosis system.

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TGI-WIN-445 Dimensions

Question: I am interested in purchasing a TGI-WIN-445 Reverse Osmsis Water Filter System.
Before I order this system, I need to know the Physical dimensional data for the filter arrangement & the 4 gallon pressure/storage tank as the space available below the kitchen sink is limited.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse osmosis (RO) has become a common home water treatment method for drinking water that might be contaminated.

The method of purifying water by reverse osmosis is used by many people these days, to simply purify their water and remove salts and impurities which would result in improving the taste and odor of the fluid. Reverse Osmosis rejects bacteria, proteins, sugars, particles, and dyes that have a molecular weight of more than 150 to 250 Dalton.

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Culligan AC-30

I have a Culligan AC-30 with 3/8″ and some 1/4″ Guest fittings.
Is the OmniPure K2333KK the right post carbon filter?
How does the RO membrane compare to the one they used in area, filtering ability, etc.
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GE Filter Replacements

I have a GE smartwater gxrv10abl01 water filtering system. I see the 155268
CBR2-10 listed as a replacment filter, but only as the POST filter, not the PRE filter. Why?

GE states that it’s filter, the fxp12 is used as BOTH the pre and post filters.
Can I use this 155268 CBR2-10 as BOTH filters??
Is there any (dis)advantages???
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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters explained

If you home drinking water comes from a municipal or city water system, then the tap water you drink comes through a real maze of filtration procedures before it reaches your faucet. The water enters into the main water system without any purification at all, from where it’s passed through a filtration process of sand, synthetic floss, fine gravel, or all 3 combined.

This filtration process removes sediment particles, and some cloudiness. Further down the pipe, Granular Activated Carbon take harmful toxins out of the purified water, in a system procedure known as chemical filtration. The final filtration stage is biological water filtration. Some water treatment plants also have their purified water go through plant life, to remove (absorb) nitrates and other nitrogen from the water.

A similar filtration process may be seen in home aquariums.
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Rainsoft Replacement Filters

RainSoft has had one business and one business only, Since 1953, providing one of the best possible water treatment systems for homes anywhere around the globe.

RainSoft started with one location in Bensenville, Illinois.

Today RainSoft, a division of Aquion Water Treatment Products, is an international company with about 300 dealers in the United States and 24 other countries.

If only your pipes could talk.
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Water Factory SQC-3 Reverse Osmosis

I purchased a home with a Water Factory SQC-3 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System installed under the kitchen sink. Water Factory SQC-3 Reverse Osmosis Continued »


Culligan Reverse Osmosis

We have a reverse osmosis system under our kitchen sink.

It is called “Culligan Cleer.”

There are three filters.
The model numbers are:

  1. AC-15
  2. AC-15M
  3. AC-15L

Do you have something to replace these Culligan filters?
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Reverse Osmosis Car Wash

A post from long ago, Reverse Osmosis Article June 05, comments a little about Reverse Osmosis for Car Wash.

Recently, some readers suggest we add the following lines to complete the thread.

When car washes were first introduced they used three things: soap to clean the car, water to rinse it off and towels to dry it.
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Great Tahoe Spring TGI-GTS

I have a Great Tahoe Spring 5- Stage low pressure RO System and I’m trying to find a place to purchase replacement filter cartridges.

The TGI GTS Great Tahoe Spring Repalcements page has them all. Details below.

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Recharging Storage Tank Procedure

I have recently ordered replacement filters for my Microline T.F.C. 25S RO water filter, and still am receiving a VERY small amount of water….
Can my current tank (which is what I now suspect is the problem), be recharged, and how would I do this?
Or do I need to replace the tank?
Is the RO4B tank compatible with my MicroLine RO system?
The tank and RO system are currently under my kitchen sink.
Is it better idea to get a tank (if I need to replace it) with the replaceable bladder?
Thank you for your assistance with these questions.

Here’s the information that might be helpful.



  • When you turn on the RO spigot you noticed small water pressure coming from the storage tank.
  • When you turn on the RO spigot, only a quick burst of pure water comes out of the system, and it slowly dies down to trickles.
  • When you turn on the Reverse Osmosis spigot in the morning, you only can get less than one gallon of purified water.
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    3 stage reverse osmosis

    Will you please explain the difference between a counter top reverse osmosis 4 stage and 3 stage filter systems

    The four stage unit contains one more carbon filter to provide better purified water then the 3 stage Reverse Osmosis System.


    John Guest Connector

    subject: the Plactic Connector for CL1030T33B, the small one with the hexagon shaped end.
    Comments: This connects to the water.

    The Connector you described are known in the RO and/or water filters industry as John Guest.

    Here’s a link to one of the online stores that carry these.


    FASTEK Osmonics Membrane

    I’m trying to replace a filter with the following printed on the outside:
    MODEL TLC-18
    S/N 8436 – 8905

    The Osmonics TFM-18 (TLC-15) is same as TLC-18.
    Just a different label.

    It’s a standard size RO Membrane
    FASTEK Osmonics Membrane Continued »

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    Copper Pipes for Reverse Osmosis

    I have one up question.Why does the RO water “dissolve” the copper piping?I thought that RO water was really “only” ultra filtered water (i.e. water that has passed through a permeable film leaving behind undesirables) and as such the chemical composition should not have changed.

    I can only wonder what it would do to your stomach if it “dissolves” copper!

    Thanks for your comprehensive reply.

    From Cornell University site (PDF file is here):
    The storage tank, tubing, and dispensing faucet should be made of plastic, stainless steel, or other nontoxic materials. The low pH and mineral content of RO-treated water may corrode copper pipes and allow lead to leach into the drinking water from brass components.
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    RO Wastes Water

    I want to install an under counter type filter in my basement and pipe the purified water to a sink mounted spigot and my ice maker.

    I understand that the RO unit produces waste water.

    Do I have to have access to a drain to dispose of this water?

    As you’ve indicated, there needs to be access to a drain for the rejected water. Also keep in mind, that the water pressure needs to be high enough, to provide purified water at a satisfactory rate. If it’s low, a booster pump might help.

    Hope you succeed.


    Removing Salt from Water

    Reverse Osmosis can treat salty water?

    I would like to know if both the Reverse Osmosis and the Distilled Water Systems remove salt from the treated water. Has a test been conducted that I might see the results of water before treatment and after treatment? thanks.

    The answer is Yes.

    Both technologies, Reverse Osmosis and/or Water Distillation would remove the salt.
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    More on TGI Reverse Osmosis Ultra Violet

    Can you tell me what this system, TGI 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, filters from the water, how much and how was it tested

    The answer to your question in one word: EVERYTHING. The system you inquired about got the WQA Gold Seal. More on TGI Reverse Osmosis Ultra Violet Continued »


    Some Reverse Osmosis Questions

    We have a new home under construction in the remote mountains of Colorado.
    In our new home, our water source will be a well and our sewage will go into a septic system. Our current home has a reverse osmosis unit so we have some knowledge of those devices.

    On Wednesday of this coming week the drywall contractor will start closing the walls and ceilings. We will probably want reverse osmosis drinking water to be available at the Kitchen sink and at both sinks in the Master Bath. The Kitchen is directly above the Mechanical Room. The Master Bath is above a storage room.

    Some Reverse Osmosis Questions Continued »


    TGI Reverse Osmosis

    Please advise if the TGI-525 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Unit, or the TGI-625 6 stage RO system for the home comes included with a tank to store the purified water.
    If yes, is it made of aluminum or steel?

    They’re all Steel Tanks, made by the leader in this industry: Amtrol


    Culligan Reverse Osmosis Aqua Cleer

    i have an under the cabinet culligan aqua-clear three stage system.
    the serial number on the back is ac 10057618 and it shows ac30 premium, ac30m, and ac30l.
    i believe its two filters and a reverse osmosis cartridge.
    What are the replacements needed for this one?

    The Culligan Aqua Clear RO filters all use the same granular activated carbon pre-filter, the same activated carbon post filter, and the same particulate filter.

    However the reverse osmosis module/membrane varies between the units.

    Also, the size of the post filter is different.

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    I’m trying to locate a replacement reverse osmosis membrane.
    The labels says: FASTEK MEMBRANES, Model TLC-18, S/N 8285-0059.

    Fastek Membranes are standard sized units. Same as the Desal osmonics (with a different label).


    Little or no water from RO faucet

    This is in regards to the TGI Reverse Osmosis 625UP/DX 6 stage 25 gpd 2gpm SS UV with Pump/ESO Purifier.
    It was purchased back in December and and it now broken.
    The pump does not stop and the water does not come out.
    Please fix this ASAP. We do not have water to drink!

    Your system is still under the warranty and TGI Pure is known for their prompt response to defective products.
    However, although you’re eligible for the warranty we don’t know what the problem in your system is.
    Little or no water from RO faucet Continued »


    Ametek RO-2127 cf1812tjg

    subject: ametek replacement membrane for ro-2127
    Reply: with ANY kind of helpful information about this

    The Membrane is online aka CTA-15.

    Full water filters replacement set for the RO-2127 is online too.


    Reverse Osmosis removes Fluoride?

    Does a RO system remove Fluoride from city supplied water

    The answer is: Yes, it will reduce, but not fully remove.
    You may also see a nice piece debate on the Flouride removal issue.


    Changing Reverse Osmosis Membranes

    Here’s some information on how to change the Reverse Osmosis membrane for a standard RO water purification unit

    Changing Reverse Osmosis Membranes Continued »

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    Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters and Membranes

    The following is an outline on how to change the Water Filters cartridges and your membrane for a standard RO water purification unit.
    Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters and Membranes Continued »

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    REVERSE OSMOSIS unit makes water flow slow

    When I put in (replace) the 15 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis membrane, I lose water pressure to almost a drip.
    Is this normal?

    It’s possibly one of the following three issues:

    REVERSE OSMOSIS UNIT Makes water slow.
    o Normal R.O. process.
    - Your 15 gpd Reverse Osmosis water purification system makes water a drop at a time. 3 gallons storage tank should be full in 6 – 10 hours.

    o Low water pressure.
    - Increase to 50 psi. Check for kinked tubes.

    o Filters clogged.
    - Replace filters.

    o Membrane not installed correctly.
    - Ensure installation is correct.


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