Sawyer products mini water filtration system

The compact water filtration system is highly efficient considering it removes over 99.99 percentile of bacteria, viruses and other harmful parasites the water may have. Due to its practicality and versatility, the sawyer mini water filtration system has gained a lot of momentum from outdoor explorers such as hikers and campers. The filter present in the device can filter out and clean a whopping 100,000 gallons without the need for replacement. In addition to its benefits, is the pre-determined adapter, which is small and suitable for attaching water bottles and pouches.

LifeStraw LSPHF017 water filter

Regarded as the most popular personal water filter available in the market today, the LifeStraw personal water filter is ridiculously small, easy to use and does not require any chemicals to filter out harmful microbes in the water. It can filter 790 gallons of water, remove 99.9 percent of bacteria, comes at a great price and most important of all, does not have a fixed shelf life.

Katadyn Vario water filter

This water filter is quite compact considering it can fit into a bag pack with relative ease. The water filter is unique as its pump uses advanced charcoal filters which not only purify the water from harmful microbes but concerning stench as well enabling it to filter 2 quarts of water per minute.

Sawyer products PointOne squeeze water filter

This complete portable water filtration system enables explorers to purify any water sources they come across. It can remove over 99 percent of harmful microbes in the water, allowing you to drink healthy and clean water. The water filter comes with an adapter ideal for attaching bottles or pouches.

LifeStraw go water filter bottle

A perfect bag packer’s item of choice, LifeStraw go water filter bottle is easy to use. The filter inside the bottle is a two-stage carbon activated filter cartridge accompanied by a hollow fiber like a membrane to purify the water. It can remove 99 percent of harmful protozoa and bacteria and horrible stench as well. Its filter can clean about 264 gallons before replacing.

Survivor filter PRO

The survivor filter pro is a top recommendation since it is compact, filter out nearly 99 percent of harmful contaminants in the water and has an impressive filtering rate of 17 ounces each minute. Its single filter cartridge can clean 100,000 liters, making it very durable.

LifeStraw family 1.0 water purifier

This model is quite impressive and fundamental at the same time. A smart addition to your emergency kit, the water purifier removes harmful microbes by using gravity as its main filter. This means you merely pour water on top and filtered clean water comes out below. The device has an impressive filtering rate of 3 gallons per hour, making it ideal when traveling in groups.