Since many months ago public workers have stopped adding flouride to the municipal water supply of Hightstown NJ. This is according to an anonymous tip phoned in to the borough’s public health officer.

Workers have stopped adding flouride to the public water supply after a pipe broke in September of 2010.

Residents and public officials are concerned because the public was never informed of this. The public has been been drinking unflouridated water for 18 months. Local dentists have also expressed concern over the issue.

Two months after the broken pipe was discovered, $17,692.50 was awarded to Main Pool & Chemical Co. to supply fluorosilicic acid for the borough’s water treatment plant throughout 2011 and 2012. No one could actually say whether the money was actually spent.

Fixing the pipe should be inexpensive, but the entire plant would have to be shut down in order to perform the repair. This could be done later in the year when other parts of the plant are scheduled for repair.

Borough administrator Mike Theokas said that the Department of Environmental Protection has been informed of the situation and that the DEP has not cited the borough for the incident. Mayor Steve Kirson commented that, even without flouride, the water is safe to drink and is being tested on a weekly basis.