Waterwise 9000 is a modern, effective and advance water purification appliance that is simple to manage and operate.

It has got a modern day euro style look that adds to the looks of any kitchen or dining space. Its advanced design consists of a heating element and a fan-delayed launch for superior efficiency.

Using Waterwise Water Distiller 9000 is extremely easy. One just has to fill the boiler with tap water and then he or she needs to plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. As we press the start button, the purification process starts to take place and as the water treatment finishes, it automatically shuts down.

With Waterwise 9000 we get a polycarbonate storage bottle which can accommodate 1 gallon of water and can be easily stored in the refrigerator. Water wise 9000 comes with a power cord which is detachable which works with all worldwide requirements. This is very helpful for those who travel frequently.

It efficiently removes substances such as chlorine, arsenic, trihalomethane etc from the water. Waterwise 9000 employs the most contemporary method of purification i.e. distillation. Distillation is considered to be much healthier and trusted process of purification. Distillation is much better than filtration, reverse osmosis etc. The working principle of purification of water is based on the principle of hydrologic cycle. Waterwise 9000 provide enough water for 4 people i.e. a gallon of water in 4.5 hours. It requires no installation or any kind of assembly.

As we switch on this device, the temperature rises to 212 degrees F, killing bacteria, cyst, and virus. As the steam is produced, it begins to rise leaving behind solids, microbial waste, heavy metals etc. Low boiling gases vent off through gaseous vent. The cooling of steam is now done in stainless steel container called the condenser. This high quality water passes through polished coconut shell polished filter. While passing, the VOC’s are adsorbed giving us ultra pure distilled water. This water gets stored in a collector bottle. Water wise 9000 is tested and certified by water quality association of USA. It has been certified that waterwise9000 is quite effective in reduction of TDS (total dissolved salts).

Water wise 9000 has a number of in-house as well as commercial applications.
First and foremost is that it provides clean drinking water. It enhances taste of dishes being cooked. Water is beneficial to be used in aquariums also as it is chlorine free water. Others spheres where it can be used is with plants, fruit juices, ice cubes, pet care, steam irons, humidifiers, baby formulas etc.

The Waterwise 9000 has been awarded with the esteemed Water Quality Association’s award. It ensures compliance with firm industry standards for presentation and performance.