We are currently using the model CP5-BB water cartridge and find that we need to replace it every two weeks in order to maintain a minimal water pressure.
I viewed all of the filters that are available for the 4 1/2”x10” “Big Blue” and I was wondering which one might offer us a greater amount of time between changes.
FYI, in addition to the “Big Blue” we also have an ultraviolet water purification system and constantly providing excellent quality and innovation. are therefore not so much concerned about bacteria as much as the silt and sediment problem that we are experiencing. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in this matter.

CP5 series from Pentek has been modified to a newer model. It is now the ECP5-BB filter instead.

The lower the micron number, the better the filtration but the greater the water pressure loss.

The CP5-BB is a 5 Micron Pleated Cellulose Polyester Filter .

The R30-BB is a 30 Micron Filter.

The R50-BB is a 50 Micron (Pentek R50 BB Fifty Micron Polyester Reusable Cartridge)

There’s a different type of filter, DGD series, that might be useful in this situation, but can’t be sure until it passes the trial.

It’s the DGD-5005.

Another issue that might help: adding a new filter housing with a higher micron filter before the lower micron filter.